RealPlayerCloud now casts to Google Chromecast

RealPlayer Cloud now casts to Chromecast,so videos stored on your PC, smartphone or tablet, or stored in the cloud, can now be streamed straight to your TV over WiFi using the RealPlayer Cloud app. Videos cast from the app are automatically formatted to give viewers the highest quality.

RealPlayer Cloud is now fully available for Windows 8

The new RealPlayer Cloud app for Windows 8 does everything that its iOS and Android counterparts do. It also allows you to move or stream your videos from the “desktop” portion of your Windows 8 device to the modern part by uploading those videos to the cloud.

The technology behind RealPlayer Cloud

RealNetworks SurePlay™ technology auto-formats videos and stores multiple copies of the video file so that any video you've uploaded is readily available to be watched, whatever device you want to watch it on. Read on to find out how this technology works.

RealPlayer Cloud available on Kindle Fire

RealPlayer Cloud helps to connect your video library seamlessly between all of your devices, regardless of format. With Kindle Fire now added to our growing list of apps, you can now watch your videos on even more devices!