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For Mac OS X 10.8 or higher | Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 11/09/2014

  • "Amazing and free. The Best media streamer I have found in a long time, and it's free"Luke M.
  • "This is the best app for casting from any device."Nigel A.
  • "Awesome way to share videos that are too big for messages or email, love it."Elaine H.
  • "Speechless! It is so awesome that I don't know really what to say… so simple to use..."Jeffery S.
  • "Missing piece of the puzzle for streaming videos on Roku. Works really well."Mike C.
  • "It’s like your very own personal YouTube just for you and the people you know"Phil Tottman, Mobile Entertainment

RealPlayer Cloud arrives on Mac!

With a beautiful interface and drag and drop simplicity, the new RealPlayer Cloud for Mac is fully native and built from the ground-up for the ultimate video experience on OS X. There are apps for all your mobiles devices too, as well as Chromecast and Roku for TV.

Wirelessly transfer videos between devices

With RealPlayer Cloud installed on your Mac and your smartphone or tablet, you can quickly move your video files between them. Just select the video you want and pick the device to copy it to. It’s that easy.

Send videos to friends

Send videos privately to family or friends straight from the RealPlayer Cloud App without having to share them on Facebook or YouTube. Friends receive a web-link to easily watch the video on any computer or mobile device.

Watch videos on your TV

RealPlayer Cloud works with Roku and Chromecast to stream your videos directly from your PC or smartphone to your TV. No wires required!

Back up your videos online

Store your videos securely and privately in your own personal cloud. We ensure that no matter what the format, they’ll be ready to play on any device.

Access your videos on the move.

RealPlayer Cloud lets you create an online storage hub for your videos, whether they started life on your phone or PC. Once saved online, you can access your videos from anywhere via the RealPlayer Cloud App. Accounts come with 2GB of free storage.


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