RealPlayer Plus

Play a wide range of high quality file types, burn HD DVDs.

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 For Windows only

Burn HD DVDs and SVCDs

With RealPlayer Plus, not only can you make your own DVDs, to play in any standard DVD player – you can actually burn HD DVDs that’ll play on your Blu-Ray player, using regular blank DVDs and SVCDs.

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Play high quality video

RealPlayer Plus can play and convert a far wider range of higher quality file types than regular RealPlayer.

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Advanced PlayPack

Plays and converts even more types of high quality videos than ever before, including MKV, AVI, xvid, webm, DivX files and codecs like H.264, VP8, MPEG-4 and more.

The PlayPack includes free upgrades to future versions of PlayPack so your player will always be up to date.

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Music Cleaner

Fix mistakes in the titles, names or album covers using this tool. Choose to do this for individual songs or scan your entire library.

Get the most out of RealPlayer by downloading RealPlayer Plus today.

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How to Burn a DVD

DVDs make for a great way to safely store and share videos. Use them to save your favourite movies or to have a physical copy of home videos to share with friends and family. Read this post to learn how to use RealPlayer Plus to meet all your DVD burning needs.

How to Convert WMV to MP4

Sometimes you will come across videos in the WMV format only to find that they won't play on your devices. RealPlayer Plus lets you convert your WMV files into MP4s, a much more universally recognised format. This post will show you how!

Video Converters 101: What You Need to Know

File formats can cause all sorts of headaches when they don't work with the program or device that you want them to. This blog post explains how ReaPlayer's video converter function can help you get your files into the formats they need to be - and with RealPlayer Plus you can convert from and to even more formats!

Use AVCHD To Burn HD Video On Regular DVDs

Do you have lots of high-definition videos but don't know how to burn them to standard-definition DVDs without sacrificing quality? Here you can find out how to use RealPlayer Plus to do just that. No need to suffer watching low quality movies on your big screen HD system anymore!